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    Learn Music has a long-running successful drum program headed up by some of the industry's top players and instructors. Our studios have a dedicated, sound-proof drum room that house quality twin drum kits (one for teacher one for student), rebound pads, loads of resources, amplified metronomes and a P.A. system to make a complete percussion education environment. Why not call in and check it out?

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    Guitar is THE most popular instrument in the world! It is easy to learn, very social, extremely portable, cheap to purchase and maintain as well as being fun it is a fundamental, if not the featured instrument in any band today. Call us and find out how easy it is to start learning to play the world's most popular instrument and discover why it is as well! At Learn Music we specialize in private music lessons. We work in 30 minute blocks and as a rule most students will only require a single 30 minute lesson each week. Lessons are tailored to each individual student's requirements taking into account the student's musical tastes, skill level, aptitude and their future desired consequence from their music studies.


Welcome to Learn Music!

Professional Guitar, Drum, Piano & Singing Lessons for Students of All Ages.

Learn Music is a privately owned provider of instrumental music tuition based in South East Queensland. Learn Music was founded by Director Shayne Browne who has more than 30 years of professional experience in the local music industry and has been providing music tuition in Brisbane for over 25 years. “We teach you the music you want to play”

Specializing in guitar, drums, piano/keyboards and vocals, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best possible music tuition in a professional, relaxed environment. We strive to create a local music community which enhances the experience and development of all students while maximizing the enjoyment and learning of all involved.

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  • Private Studio Lessons


    Professional and Patient Teachers Our lessons include all you need to take the next steps: · All Materials · All Levels · Most Styles Instruments: · Guitar · Drums · Piano · Singing · Bass Guitar

  • Schools Programs

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    Our School Program Online Registration process - Learn Music’s Instrumental School Programs also include a performance program that works within the guidelines of the school’s music program, giving students the opportunities they need to perform. In association with our friends at Binary Music, students of Learn Music’s Instrumental School Program gain access to instrument buy/rental schemes and excellent student prices on all their equipment. Participating schools also enjoy reduced prices on musical instruments, music and accessories. Schools currently participating in Learn Music’s Instrumental School Program are: · Our Lady of the Assumption · St Thomas Catholic School · Chisholm Catholic College Our on-line system makes registration of students, accounting and bill paying simple and streamlined.


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