Craig Rabnott – Drums & Percussion

I started drums and percussion in 1996 in primary school under the tutelage of David Bayliss. I continued through high school until 2003 in concert/stage bands, performing orchestral and symphonic band works alongside stage band pieces through out this time.

I began my casual study under master drummer Grant Collins at this time, and continue to work on his approach to the drumset to my own playing to this day. 2004 saw me travelling to Lismore to study a Bachelor Of Music at Southern Cross University under Dave Sanders (You can read more about him here:, a former student of Melbourne master drummer David Jones, with whom I have also studied. During this time I performed in various rock and metal bands, and participated in several recordings for each. Since moving to Brisbane in 2012 I have continued this approach, and have recommenced working with community orchestras, including Redland Sinfonia, performing at Christmas By Starlight 2014 with The Voice’s Luke Kennedy and Naomi Price, Brisbane Symphonic Band, Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra and Brisbane Citizens Concert Band. I have also appeared with local bands on a session basis across various genres.

I am passionate about the 4-way co-ordination and solo approach to the drumset, and have since recommenced a Bachelor Of Music at University of New England, with the intention of creating a study into a standard of approaching this for drums, in particular for new students. I also split this with composing for both the drum set and percussion ensemble works.