Music Performers Club

Fifteen years ago I was teaching students who played their music to their pop star posted bedroom walls and the only interaction with other musicians was to read and re-read the sleeves of their favourite CD’s. I knew then as I know now that music is meant to be heard! I often say “what’s the point of making music – if there’s no one around to hear it?” I undertook to do something about that and soon after the first Learn Music Performers Club was launched. With the help and support of local music stores we ran a once a month evening where students could play in front of a supportive, encouraging audience and play in an environment that, unlike their adorned bedroom walls, actually responded with genuine applause. It has been running ever since!

Our latest incarnation of Performers Club is held every 6 months at various local locations. Here students can be heard, shake off their nerves, gain confidence and hone skills that may take them to much larger arenas one day. Some are undertaking the performance journey for the first time, others are old pro’s having done performance club many times before. One of the joys of hosting this event is to hear a nervous young student who has just walked off the stage say “When can I do that again?” – and THAT is what it’s all about!

Any student of Learn Music is eligible to perform and there is no cost to be a part of our performance club. This opportunity will strengthen your resolve to play music, encourage you to practice and in general make you a better musician by giving you goals to work towards and a purpose to reach those goals. Many past performers of the club have gone on to make a career from their music – maybe you will too?