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Learning a musical instrument at school is not only fun but it has fundamental connections with other learning, bolstering academic studies in particular and it is convenient and cost-effective.

Learn Music have an excellent track record and proven results in our in-school music programs. This is due to the high quality of teachers that operate these programs and the professional way they conduct their lessons.

School-based lessons are very different from lessons conducted in the studios and we are mindful of this and adapt to suit. There are many factors that revolve around school lessons such as; school timetables, sport, exams, excursions and myriad other variables that can and often do affect school music lessons.

We have learnt to work to a particular school environment and engage with the teachers, admin staff and principals to deliver consistent outcomes for our students in familiar surroundings, students interacting with friends and working towards common goals. Music boosts your team skills, teaches you perseverance and enhances coordination and memory. These are all elements of a school-base music education and we should look at the benefits of each.

Music and Academic Study

As previously mentioned, there is a tangible connection between music and academic study. When you play an instrument it increases the ability to problem solve, have a better understanding of abstract reasoning, extends creativity and spatial conception. It is proven that musicians have better primary motor cortex growth. Young children taking keyboard lessons show an almost 50% increase in their spatial temporal reasoning abilities. Additionally, children that take music lessons can find it easier learn fractions because they understand music time signatures. Students changing schools frequently, find music lessons are a source of stability.

Playing With Friends

Students involved with the Learn Music in-school program are encouraged to be a part of the school band and while working in small, common instrument groups are also playing as a band. This is an excellent example of students working together to achieve common goals. The program by-product is students can play with their friends but most beneficial of all is the opportunity to make new friends within the musical environment. This fosters interaction with others and may assist shy and/or withdrawn students to be part of a group all striving for the same outcomes. This can boost confidence and self-worth and is a common outcome for many students.

Music and Stress

Music is a universal language, one we should all learn. Playing an instrument also has incredible stress reduction benefits. There is practically no activity in the frontal cortex of a musician playing a piece from memory! It’s almost like meditating. Pieces of music that are slower than the human heartbeat (approx 78 BPM) will actually cause your heart-rate to drop. In short, almost nothing effects as many parts of the brain, as music. Einstein said “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I get most joy in life out of music”
(source: Roots Guitar Tips –

Learn Music’s Instrumental School Programs provide students with a way of combining their music tuition with their academic studies.

Lessons with Learn Music at participating schools are conducted on school grounds within school time, usually on a rotating timetable to minimize disruption to the schools educative program. Our specialist teachers will visit your school and provide either small group, semi-private or private music lessons across a wide range of instruments including:

·         Guitar & Bass
·         Drums & Percussion
·         Keyboard & Piano
·         Singing

Learn Music’s Instrumental School Programs also include a performance program that works within the guidelines of the school’s music program, giving students the opportunities they need to perform.

In association with our friends at Express Music Mount Gravatt, students of Learn Music’s Instrumental School Program gain access to instrument buy/rental schemes and excellent student prices on all their equipment. Participating schools also enjoy reduced prices on musical instruments, music and accessories.

Schools currently participating in Learn Music’s Instrumental School Program are:
·         St Thomas Catholic School
·         Chisholm Catholic College
·         Carmel Catholic College


Our on-line system makes registration of students, accounting and bill paying simple and streamlined. The following link will take you to our School Program Online Registration process.

Learn Music is constantly striving to be number one in the field of music tuition and hold a long-term view to be regarded as an industry benchmark. Schools interested in having Learn Music added to their instrumental school music program can contact Shayne Browne at to receive a PDF with more information about our services.